Monday, July 31, 2017

fishing with the crocs

This week has been a lot of fun! On Monday we annotated 160 copies of The Book of Mormon for the Darwin show! Over one hundred of these copies where given out at the booth! 
We had a great zone conference and had to say our final goodbyes to the Farrers. It was sad driving away from Darwin knowing that they wound be in Adelaide next week. But when we got back we were able to get Isiaha interviewed for baptism, He will be Baptized this Saturday! His sister and cousins are still on date and will hopefully be baptized on the 19th of August.  At church in Binjari we had no members but a lot of investigators and potentials that came! Its been a lot of fun! We also went fishing yesterday and caught a few black brim at donkey camp! 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Zone Conference, Broken bikes but LOVE IT


This week has been a lot of fun! A lot of teaching! We have been focusing on part member families and we have seen great success! 
We have been smashing the bikes for the last three transfers! He have kept them well greased but we still managed to brake a gear.. When I say we I mean me of coarse! :) Well I successfully snapped gear seven clean off... HAHAHA! 
We are now in Darwin for Zone conference so we took it up for Elder Farrer to work his magic! This week in Katherine was the Katherine Show. It was very crowded, No body was on the streets. So we went where the people were! We went and found in the show! It was a great experience! We saw investigators and members there. We had fun a found quite a few potentials there!  We wish we could have stayed for the Rodeo though! HAHAHA! 

Today we will be gathered as a zone to make Book of Mormon with answers of the soul, for the Darwin show this week! We hope it goes well for the Elders and Sisters here! We will be heading back to Katherine on Wednesday before the show starts. Love you heaps! 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Fishing.. crocs. Love it here

 This week has been great! 
We started it off with fishing at the river! Yes it was the river where the Crocs have been caught! Couldnt resist! :) We caught a few fish and almost caught a turtle! It got off before we could pull it in! It was a very cool experience!  
We fished with our baptismal dates Tristan and Isiaha! 
They are super excited to get baptized and receive the priesthood! They want to baptize their siblings so we commited them to invite them to church and to take the lessons! When we got there for church there they were! We then had a very large lesson with the family! Justin and his son maverick bore testimony of the church and everyone said that it all makes perfect sence! Tristan and Isiahas sister asked when they could get baptized! They will be Baptized two weeks after Tristan so he has time to get the priesthood! Isiaha is looking forward to passing the sacrament and baptizing when he turns 16! They are now all working on inviting their mothers! #PartMemberFamilies!