Sunday, November 27, 2016

Qiuandong jam, Amazing Members and It's looking a lot like Christmas every where we go.

What a great surprise!! I got pictures from a member in Elder Ty Atkinson Area!!
it's like an early Christmas present!! Thank you Josh!! 
The jam is Quandong jam made in Broken hill!

This week in Broken Hill has been a blast! We got to listen to an Australian caroling show from 2014 with Josh. We were laughing that we sing about snow and stuff when there isn't any here. I've been told that I will be experiencing Christmas how it should be! 42 degrees wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts! But we cant wear shorts.:( Its been getting really warm! The other night the towns Christmas decorations went up! They have like five things on the street lights and a big fake tree! That is the extent of the decorating! I love it here in broken hill! It is a great place! We ended up having thanksgiving at a members house. They name is the Goldings. They said that it is a holiday made by God because it brings families together! It was very nice of them! We had pumpkin pie and turkey! Its been a fun week!​
We have a few investigators. But we cant say anything about them because of church policies. We have to protect and respect their privacy.

here is pictures of his flat in broken hills

Here is pictures of his tree we sent him <3

Monday, November 21, 2016

Another great week!!

This week has been great! We witnessed a young girl name Imogen get baptized with her friend Eden this weekend! Imogen is a daughter of a recent convert we have been teaching. She has a huge fear of water and that has kept her from getting baptized fro several months. So we were thinking of ways to overcome her fear. We came up with having her mum sit on a chair in the font and have Imogen sitting on here lap. And that's exactly what we did! I was a great experience!

We got to go out and see a lot of damage from the storm as well. The hail was the size of golf balls and heaps of cars are smashed up! A few trees fell but they where cleaned up really quickly!

Its been a great week in the Hill! Love you heaps!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Hail, Thunder, wind OH MY

  This week has been crazy! We traveled down to Mildura for a training on friday! We drove 350ks to get there and we drove right through a huge hail storm. The road was flooding and the hail was huge! We had lightning flashing all around us. When we finally got to Mildura, we then went on Trade offs with the Zone leaders! Guess who I went with! Elder Taleo! It was amazing! It felt like I havent seen him in ages! We talked all about the people in Darwin and how much we miss the Farrers! I was all good until a huge black cloud came rolling in. We got caught in a thunder strom with huge gusts of wind! It good so strong that Elder Taleo and I had to stop. We were doing everthing we could not to get blown into the lake. Then out of no where we hear a loud crack and a metal fence got ripped out of the ground and flow over our heads. We then ran to a small bridge and waited out the wind. Five minutes later we made it to a members house to find all of the power in Mildura had been knocked out. We talked about the fire side for this last sunday. After the short talk we left and saw a couple huge trees get blown over. We call the zone and sent them home. We then called my companion Elder Cultura who was with Elder Jordan, They were stuck in the storm and we needed to pick them up. The problem was that Elder Taleo and I were still 6 ks from the flat. We biked as fast as we could through the thunder storm with rain and hail. The only light on the streets were from the flashes of lightning. We got to the flat with a few close calls then we grabbed the car and drove very slowly to the Elders. We couldnt see ten feet in front of us. The windshield wipers couldnt keep up with the rain and we had to make detours because of trees that fell in the road.We find the Elders help them load up their bikes and we went home. We were as wet as could be! We had a great laugh with all the Elders after everyone got home. We ended up with 9 Elders in a two room flat. We had a great week! 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sports night to blue tongue lizard

Good morning! This week has been awesome! 

We have been able to find a couple potentials to teach. We are hoping to be able to teach them this next week! We have been trying to catch up with some of our investigators for a couple weeks now. We haven't had much luck finding them when they are at home. But we held a sports night on Friday and several members came and our recent convert brought her non-member Husband along! The Branch President talked to him and set up an appointment for us to teach him what his family believes. We will see him this week and we are hoping for the best! 
The most exciting thing this week was finding a blue tongue lizard when we were door knocking! We left our cameras in the car and we were mad that we forgot them! Sad moment! I got to hold it though! It is a very funny looking thing! We are hoping to find a bearded dragon this next week!