Monday, May 29, 2017

Exciting things are happening in Katherine!

This week has been awesome! We have had a few investigators have finally quit smoking! It was a great day when they said that they have been smoke free for a week! We are excited for the next few weeks! We should have three baptisms by June 18th! _____ is doing well and is excited for her baptism this Saturday! ______ is also doing very well and is looking forward to being baptized on the 10th of June! The wedding has been moved again because of some complications. They went to three funerals last week. They should be coming back this Friday and the wedding should follow shortly after! Exciting things are happening in Katherine! We hope to spend a lot more time here! But we will be okay with whatever happens!
This P-day we played basketball We had a lot of fun! love you heaps!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Love LOVE this area!

​Good morning!
Katherine is amazing! I love it here! We have been smashing the bikes! We have biked over 200 ks in four days! We had Church in town and then biked to a community over 16ks away to hold church there. 

We got great news we will be getting a car! We are in the second largest area in the world. The only area larger is in our mission the Bush area. We cover almost 1/3 of the Northern Territory! With the car we will be driving out to more communities and holding Church Serves Out bush. 
The Katherine facebook page has some photos of bush church this week. A lot of great things are happening Here! 

He is my friend!( the toilet frog they found in their toilet last week lol) He is called frogger! He love to drink the toilet water! The Branch is great! We will soon be holding three sacrament meetings soon! We are working hard on expanding the branch. We got permission to hold church on a few Community's. So we will be doing that next week after we get a car! It was freezing in darwin!  That was the coldest ive been on my mission!

Easter was great. We had ice cream because thats all we had in the flat. The Spider arent that bad. We sit with them and they crawl everywhere when we are teaching in the community's. 
Love you Heaps!

The river during the rain.

Here is a link to the Katherine Branch Facebook page! <--- click to see it. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

19 C degrees, New area, Great Companion and snakes oh my

Good morning!
This week has been a lot of fun! Victor Harbor is absolutely beautiful! It is very green with a lot of trees, The beach is awesome, and there is an island called Granite Island! When Elder Riqisa and I drove up the hill when we were coming down it was breath taking! 
So my new companion is Elder Riqisa from Fiji. He served in Broken Hill before Elder Cultura and we served near each other up in Darwin. We are having a great time! Having fun talking about Broken Hill and Darwin. Its a great 19 degrees here! I love it but Elder Riqisa is freezing. 
We met a few of the Investigators here this week and are excited to work with them. The Branch is awesome! I love serving in branches! Its a lot more fun! I'll take photos today of the area and send them to you next week!

Love you heaps.


Sunday, February 26, 2017


  Good afternoon!
Well its transfer week again! Elder Martin and I both go transferred. I will be going to Victor harbor. Its quite a bit cooler down there! So I will have a break from the heat! I will be serving in the Victor harbor branch! No more wards for me! Hahaha I guess I need to stick to branches! 
My new companion is from fiji! He was my district leader up in Darwin and he served in Broken Hill before Elder Cultura went there. Elder Cultura and Elder Glova will be flying home tomorrow. Elder Glovas companion in Broken hill quit and went home. So Who knows what will happen to the area. kind of sad but it should be all right! Ill send some photos next week! I left my camera.

Monday, January 16, 2017

birds. fox, kangaroo and a goat!

  This week has been very crazy. We drove to Adelaide for a test for Elder Glova and on the way back we killed 3 birds, a fox, a kangaroo hit the side of our car and we almost hit a goat. Don't drive out bush at night! HAHAHA! Well I have been transferred. :( I have no Idea how to spell the name of my new area.. But my new companion is Elder Martin, He is from Sydney so I might get a accent soon! Jokes! Our area is pretty big! It will be fun! Im going to miss Broken Hill but im ready for this next step!
Aberfoyle Park is my new area Im close to the city now by a college! No more door knocking! HAHAHA! So yeah this week was nuts! And ill take a photo. Lots of driving. I drove over 2000ks in the last four days.. I will send some photos next week. Ive gotta get ready to run to a meeting. Love you heaps take care of maddy.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Broken Hill is the Best!!

This week has been a lot of fun biking in the heat and driving down to Mildura again this weekend. 
We have found a few people to teach this last week so we are excited leading into the last week of the transfer! Broken Hill is the best! The members are awesome and the town is very cool to be in. 
We have troubles finding people because if we go where the people are we would have to go to the pubs! That wouldnt go very well! 
On the trip to Mildura we lost my front bike tyre. The vibrations from the road loosened the bolt and it fell off. :) We couldnt find it on the way back to towns so I grabbed a tyre from a old mission bike that Pops had in his back yard! We went to the living desert this last week! Here are some photos!