Monday, August 29, 2016

Temples, Kangaroo, Iguana, Gecko and Snakes

Gidday y'all,
This last week was crazy but awesome! For Pday we spent the entire day with the Farrers. We went to a funeral for one of our less actives. We tied red ribbon on the windshields of all the cars and got invited to the family barbecue! It was great but I'd have to say Catholic funerals are weird as. The Jesus statues freaked me out and mother Mary's eyes follow you... It was different... So we didn't really have a Pday last week. But it's ok! We had the Elders from Katherine up in Malak this week so we split up and covered our entire area. We were able to meet a lot of our investigators and found a lot more! A lot of them are getting close! We hope to have one lady name Erica baptised in a few weeks. We have had a crazy fun week! It was district conference and the power in Alice springs went down. So we had to Skype them. And we got a call from a member in Kathrine wondering why she can stream it so we told her what happened and we said we will find a way for you and the members to listen. So we do what any teenagers would do! We duct taped the phone on the Baptismal font next to the speaker! I'll try and send a photo! So me and Elder Nelson got to sit outside and preside the meeting by watching the phone! Hope all is well back home! Love you heaps!

More to Mom: It's good to hear that Maddie is going back to her old self! She's a nut! I love her so much! Today we are going to a zoo! I can't wait to see the animals! Oh they sell kangaroo in the super market! That all the meat I'm buying for the rest of my mission! It's so good! Looking for the croc! I love it here and nobody offers a vegimite sandwich which is great! I don't want one! The milo and the tim tams are great! 
Tell clay to drive in the church car park. It might help having a clear road.  We have a lot of people getting really close! But we don't want to baptize less actives so we are making sure they know it's a life style.
Love you heaps! 

To Dad:   I wrote clay today, talked about how lucky he is to have temples so close. I hope he wraps his head around it. I miss seeing temples. I mean Darwin is literally one of the city's that are the farthest away from a temple. 
I have caught a lot of geckos and iguanas! Found a big snake, I didn't feel impressed to play with it...๐Ÿ˜ I am going to a zoo today and I'm going to see if we can hold the crocs! I'm so excited! Don't tell mom! Hahahaha I love Darwin and the Kathrine Elders have been in Malak this week 
Oh I'm legally licensed to drive in the Northern Territory! My license has a kangaroo! Oh I found kangaroo in the super market! That all I'm going to buy for the rest of my mission! That and croc and buffalo! Hahahaha I love it here! I saw a flying fox the other day.. It was massive! I hope you have time to work on your truck! Love you heaps! Oh I heard grandpas cars almost done! I can't wait to see it! 

>>>>>don't tell mom WHAT??? oh my that son of mine! hehee <<<<<

and this is where the tears really started to roll... 

To Clay: 

Everything is fantastic! A mission is the best! Right behind driving my Jeep!๐Ÿ˜‰  Tell everyone Gidday for me!

Dad told me about your Temple trip... Clay Jens Atkinson, pardon my French but you need to get a hold of what important in life. That little slip of paper is like a ticket to the celestial kingdom. You should carry it with you all the time. I know you are young and you heads wrapped around you girl friends ๐Ÿ™ˆ But I promise you that the Temple is the best place in this world that you could ever go. So find you recommend. Or get a new one. You don't know everything about the temple but I encourage you to find out more. You do that by going and reading. Clay I am currently in the largest mission in the world and I'm close to being the farthest area from a temple in the world. I miss seeing the temples. You don't know what you have until it's gone. So Clay take charge and drag the family to the temple this next month. I promise you that you will see a difference in your life and developed a love for the sacred buildings we Utahns take for granted. Love you heaps you little monkey! Ps don't tell mom but I'm going to hold a croc today!

I could write something more but his words say it all. He is a wonderful Young man and So proud of him!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Things are getting better!

This week has been crazy! We have been running from place to place trying to see all of our investigators. We have to ride back and forth because they are available at different times of the day. So we cant just stay in one part of our area to see the group of investigators in that area. It makes for a lot of biking! I love Darwin! Its getting close to the buildup season.... It supposed to be hot and humid, without rain. We might die.... Its already hot and its winter.... This isn't winter! This is summer! Its a mad house I don't know how people live here.  But on the Bright side i have a amazing farmers tan! hahaha! 
Love you heap!

 I love the new senior couple! The Farrers and the Buckners invited us to lunch after church! I found out Elder Buckner played baseball! I told him about me and Elder Hamilton playing with and verses each other he got a kick out of it! We have the best mission grandparent in the whole mission! Love you heaps!

From Elder and Sister Farrer. (They are my lifesaver love LOVE getting pictures from their facebook page!!)

"On Monday when the missionaries were emailing their families, Elder Angelo received the sad news of his oldest sister's passing last week from cancer. It was a difficult day after that heartbreaking email. The thoughtful elders that were with him when he got the news suggested we take him for ice cream. He had his first ever, waffle cone from Baskin Robbins and I know he felt the love and support of his companions...thank you Elder Atkinson and Elder Dahle for sharing your love and your favorite comfort food"

Caring companions...Elder Atkinson and Elder Dahle๐Ÿ’•

Look at this!!

Sharing love , support, and comfort food

New addition to Casuarina Mall...

Monday, August 15, 2016

Good Day!

Good day! This last week has been crazy! To start the week on Monday night we got a knock on the door, it was the down stairs neighbors. They informed us that their was water coming through their ceiling. We come down and see water coming through so we ran up stairs to look in the bathroom and our floor is damp. We don't know what caused it but it was wet. So we wiped it up and looked for the leak. We couldn't find one. So the neighbors called the plumber and they did all kinds of tests. They don't know why the floor was wet but the drain in the bathroom had a leak and was causing the leak in the ceiling. We had to bike like crazy to see people and make it back in time for the plumbers. It was crazy. Then one of our YSA's nephew passed away from a heart attack at the age of 4. We sat down with him and shared the plan of salvation with him. All he could think about was the plan God has for us and he know he will see him again. We also taught a man who just lost his father. He passed away at 92 we think. He is having a hard time but he is very interested in life after death and God. We have been teaching like crazy. We have 10 people on date for baptism with a few that are getting close. We have been riding around like mad. We need to get those fit bits so we can track our Ks! All is good in Darwin! There are heaps of lizards and birds! Haven't found a croc or a kangaroo yet but I've been looking! I have found a huge huntsman spider along with a white tip. The white tip causes flesh to rot around the bite sight. I found a very large snake and a huge cockroach! I almost ran over a dog as well. I'm excited for the work and all the creepy crawlies of the night! The Flying fox is a amazing creature! They aren't full size in Darwin but they are like a hawk. Oh yeah there are heaps of sea hawks so let waffle know!
Love you guys!

Elder Atkinson went with Elder Hobby to get his stitches out... they decided to trade glasses while they were waiting... (Pic courtesy of Brother & Sister Farrer {they spoil us with post and pictures!} Love them!)

today was the first day since the M.T.C. that we got to talk/email back and forth for a bit! LOVED IT!!!

Clay had emailed Ty but he never received it, so I told him Clay said to tell Norbert hi (His pet gecko) here is Ty's reply: " We have three now! Norbert, norberta, and Steve. I'm starting a collection! Caught a iguana the other day. I think they would have gotten mad if I took him to the flat.."

HAHAHA Love you Elder Atkinson!! 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Finally..... HEAPS of pictures!!!

First fresh coconut off the tree!!

Heaps of work!

Cyclone Tracy destroyed 70% of homes Early Christmas morning 1974