Sunday, July 24, 2016

Alma and King Benjamin!

Good afternoon! This week has been very fun! We have been out knocking on heaps of doors! You never know what you might see... It is funny as! We have met heaps of people and we have only been chased my a few dogs... They weren't friendly.... Almost everyone her has at-least one dog, they aren't trained either. So this week we won the Clean Crock. Its in our kitchen displayed proudly. We also went to follow up with a potential that we met a couple days ago, He wasn't home but his grandmother was. She invited us in  and she talked about how her tooth pain went away the moment she saw us. We began to teach the Restoration of the gospel and she stands up and yells in aboriginal to her family. One by one they came down stairs and she told them that we were messengers from God and told them to hear our words for they were the answer to her prayers. So we said a prayer and began to teach fifteen people. It was peak as! we felt like Alma and King Benjamin! It was amazing to teach a big as group! We committed three of them to be baptized and the rest of them agreed to learn more. The whole family is pretty keen on learning more. Ill keep you updated! Oh!!!! Brandon H from Arizona was supposed to be baptized  yesterday! Ill let you know if it happens!

 Mom: Clay is playing pokemon go?? and your going with him. yall are weird as. I hope all goes well with the interview! Um no princess. change it. my maddux doesn't give girly names..... she is a crazy lady. Hope everything goes well! well i gotta go pet a dingo and a kangaroo. hopefully a croc! ye love you heaps!

Dad:  They both play Pokemon Go? Man they are weird as. I think they want you to play as well. That sounds like a peak activity! Hope everything is going well with your truck! But dont forget my Jeep! hahaha love you heaps! tell the wawas and the yapas hi for me on Wednesday
! I will try and get a picture! but im going to pet a dingo and other stuff today at a wildlife park. so thats more important! love ya!

Elder & Sister Farrer posted this about the flat inspections this month as incentive to always have a clean's the CCC award and traveling croc trophy🐊. If your flat is continuously clean, then you get the crocodile...and this time we have a tie with the Malak and Katherine elders😊. Elder Taleo and Elder Atkinson of Malak, found the perfect spot for their's

 Elder Taleo and Elder Atkinson won this month =)

Elder Taleo and Elder Atkinson know how to keep a continuously clean flat.

 The CCC award, and traveling crocodile trophy...

Perfect spot...

Sunday, July 17, 2016

It's a small world! .... Master Chef =)

Hey Family!
All is well here in Darwin! I absolutely love it here! They People are very unique! We have been biking hard and talking to everyone, knocking on doors and working on a plan to reorganize the areas here in Darwin! This week Elder Taleo had to go with Elder Hamilton to Kathrine for some Zone and District business. So I was with Elder Hobby and Elder Escueta. We biked all Over the main city and the beaches. We had a lot of fun! On the way home on Wednesday night Elder Hobby crashed into a parked truck. He smashed it! The taillight was busted and his bike tire was wrapped like mad! He is okay but President Parker told him to be more careful. That was his fourth crash. He was pretty shaken up from it. But when I was looking for his glasses on the road I found a piece of the tail light! I gave it to him the next day and he put it in his journal! I love Elder Hobby! We are hoping to be companions sometime for a long time!
So I have received a reputation of being a master chef.... When we are on exchanges I make food out of whatever they have and everyone likes it. It's defiantly been fun! Oh yeah so there is a Elder Hamilton here! He played for maple mountain baseball and we played on the game cocks together! We surprised everyone here! They are asking what are the odds that we would be in Darwin together after winning a tournament together!
Love you heaps!

more to Dad:  I heard about the law in Russia. How is Tristan? How does that work?
Nice job on your Truck! I wish you luck with the bumper! I will try and send a mission plaque picture I can seem to figure out the camera... It's hard.
I love President Toone! I told you he was huge! Can you get his email? I would love to email him sometime! (I sent him Sister Toone's Email) 

I'm working with Elder Taleo to reorganize the zone areas. We want to make it more efficient! We are teaching a lot of people but everyone in Darwin moves like mad. It's fun planting seeds and referring them to others. We have had a lot of training's and are learning a lot! 
Norbet is doing well! He is very fun! We say goodbye to him when we go out of the flat!
Love you heaps! Send pics of the truck!

More to Mom:  So I don't know how to work it. (wifi camera) And it's not setup to send it to your phone. So I'll try and figure it out sometime. The wifi in the church isn't very good.
Yes I did pay for my bike. It's in Adelaide. There are bikes here in Darwin that stay here. Because it would be like sending your bike from home to New York to get it here in Darwin!
I know about the Pokemon go. We have strategic contacting spots where players go and play. We are using it for missionary work!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

....So I called him norbert. He is my friend!

 Wednesday July 6th morning was Arriver's Training on Skype

Hey Dad!
Heaps means a lot and peak is cool. It is so confusing but I figure if I start to use them it will make more sense in the long run. We are the only Elders in Darwin that don't have a car. We are biking all day everyday. Its been heaps of fun down here! But I miss Chevy's they aren't here down here. Well they sort of are but they are a different company, they go by Holden, they don't have a big verity. There aren't an old classic cars down here they are either new of ugly as. I love it here though. They people are absolutely crazy and are blunt in there dealing with each other. There is heaps of racism. We talk to heaps of people walking the streets every day. We get yelled at heaps! So we made a game out of it! Who ever get cussed at the most wins! It is very interesting to learn some aboriginal.  They defiantly are a interesting culture. I want to learn more about their lifes in tribes because when they aren't in their tribe they are kinda trashy. I love the people here heaps and im excited to keep learning! Tell my Yapa's I said Hi! Yapa's is Brothers. Tell the youth hi for me and bishop, razor, and Brother brown hi as well! Love you Heaps

The Flag is peak! I love it and yes you put in on the right way. The small star is always on the bottom. The puppies are so cute! I love my little miss Maddie! This week has been really cool! We have met with heaps of people and I got told I have an American ascent. I never though we had an ascent but it makes sense. I love the people and the culture here in Darwin. They remember the cost of freedom heaps better than America. We went to the Darwin museum last pday. It is peak, Heaps of animals and history about the people and the culture! I am enjoying the dry season here! Im not looking forward to the wet season. It supposed to be really humid, hot, and rains heaps. It will be an adventure! The beach here is awesome! And the best part! We have a pet gecko! Well sort of... He made his way into the Flat and we cant get him out. So I called him norbert. He is my friend. I love it here and ill try and send some pics today!

love you heaps!

Funny story... after we get his emails I get another one with 4 pictures!! you can imagine my excitement!! it was the pictures of the crab looking thing (posted below) and 3 pictures I took on his camera of his jeep and Maddux and Chipper the dogs to see if it worked!! lol so only one picture from Elder Atkinson. good thing we have a great senior couple in the area that are so wonderful and takes pictures for there fb page!!
Not sure about this.. was just in an email.. crap/lobster/spider??

 (From Elder and Sister Farrer: Today we went to Safe NT so that Elder Gaastra and Elder Atkinson could get their required 'working with children cards'... closed for remodeling...they sent us to the Police to another building to finish up. Good thing we have patient is their preparation day and I know they are anxious to be done with this and on to their free time...

 Ready to get their required working with children cards...

What?....closed for remodeling?...on to the Police Station...

Getting the forms...paying the fees...    


 Finished here

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Full week in Malak Australia

Got more pictures of Elder Atkinson
from the Airport & Mission Home June 23, 2016:

Look who finally made it to his mission!!

New Missionaries to the AAM

New Missionaries just arrived to the Adelaide Australia Mission

Waiting for assignments =)

Sister Parker, Elder Atkinson, President Parker

 Zone Conference June 29, 2016
N.T. Missionaries with President & Sister Parker

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪
Happy Birthday Dear ELDER TY ATKINSON♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪Happy♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪...Birthday to YOU!! !♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪...

Elder Atkinsons birthday falls on a Sunday 
so the wonderful senior couple Elder & Sister Farrer 
took him and his companion to lunch and icecream!

Elder Atkinson with his Darwin Birthday Ball.

Elder Atkinson and his companion, Elder Taleo
Birthday lunch on the Wharf

Elder Atkinson chose to try some foods from the Top End... Crocodile, Camel, Buffalo and Kangaroo! Him and Sister Farrer both had this wild lunch =)

 Since his birthday was on our Saturday we had his name on the Orem Owlz (Angels rookie team) Baseball Jumbo tron!!


Can't see it but you can hear them wishing Elder Ty Atkinson serving in Australia a Happy Birthday!!

Thinking of you Elder Atkinson

Darwin Missionaries at Correlation Meeting July 3, 2016...with new convert Brenda Wei, Branch Mission Leader Mick Popp, and Branch missionary Aue TeAva

Letter to Dad:
It's heaps of fun down here! And Croc taste heaps like chicken! Kangaroo is sort of like Mule Deer and Antelope combined. Camel is like beef, Water Buffalo is really good! You need to come hunting down here! So I live in a Jungle! It's peak! Heaps of birds all over the place! I love seeing heaps of parrots and other native birds! They are rather colourful! It's amazing! I got my firsts coconut too! It is so hard to cut it open! I'll send y'all heaps of pics soon! I love it here! My companion is awesome he is from Vanuatu! We work really well together! We taught a aboriginal family the other day and their beliefs are very similar. They loved our message and set up their own return appointment. So the Darwin branch covers most of the Northern Territory. They are a couple hundred members. We are in need of a lot more priesthood before we can set up another branch.
Oh I had a Tim Tam yesterday! You need to try them! You leave them in the fridge until they are really cold then you eat them! It's peak! You can bite the tips off and drink milk from it! This is called a Tim Tam slam! You need to try it! I am still looking for a monitor and an Iguana, no luck so far. No snakes but I saw some huge fish at the harbour the other Day! We are thinking of touring the WW2 war tunnels soon! So the harbour I was at the other day was bombed after pearl harbour by the Japanese. There are heaps of memorials for the cost of their freedom. They really love their territory! On the 1st it was territory day! They had fireworks and everything! So you need to get a Northern Territory flag because the consider themselves a different country but they aren't really. The Feds still have control of them but they have their own government. 
Love you heaps Dad!
yes we counted.. he said heaps 7 times! lol  

here is the Northern Territory flag

Email to me:
Croc is heaps like chicken! Then Kangaroo is kinda like a hybrid of Mule deer and Antelope! Camel is just like beef and water Buffalo is awesome! Y'all need to come hunting down here! Looks like Maddie is a piggy bank! Gotta love her! The members are awesome! There aren't a lot of them but it's ok. We are working towards splitting the branch and getting a new chapel. We have on chapel that covers half of the Northern Territory. Oh they said that you need to get a Northern Territory flag. They are split off from most of the government of Australia. In fact they celebrated Territory day on the 1st! Heaps of fireworks, drunks, bush fires, and a lot of crazy stuff! It's been a really cool experience! Not a lot of work but we are working hard to get this work moving! We had a 12 hour training on Tuesday. We learned a lot! I'm super excited to continue the work here!
Elder Taleo is awesome! He taught me how to open a coconut today! I saw a lot of fish at the Harbour the other day! Their are heaps of birds here! They are very colourful! And the bats are huge! It's been peak! I love it here! It's like a jungle! What does the flag pole look like? And maddies pups? 
Love you heaps!
Think he is really picking up the language =)