Monday, April 17, 2017

Love LOVE this area!

​Good morning!
Katherine is amazing! I love it here! We have been smashing the bikes! We have biked over 200 ks in four days! We had Church in town and then biked to a community over 16ks away to hold church there. 

We got great news we will be getting a car! We are in the second largest area in the world. The only area larger is in our mission the Bush area. We cover almost 1/3 of the Northern Territory! With the car we will be driving out to more communities and holding Church Serves Out bush. 
The Katherine facebook page has some photos of bush church this week. A lot of great things are happening Here! 

He is my friend!( the toilet frog they found in their toilet last week lol) He is called frogger! He love to drink the toilet water! The Branch is great! We will soon be holding three sacrament meetings soon! We are working hard on expanding the branch. We got permission to hold church on a few Community's. So we will be doing that next week after we get a car! It was freezing in darwin!  That was the coldest ive been on my mission!

Easter was great. We had ice cream because thats all we had in the flat. The Spider arent that bad. We sit with them and they crawl everywhere when we are teaching in the community's. 
Love you Heaps!

The river during the rain.

Here is a link to the Katherine Branch Facebook page! <--- click to see it.