Monday, October 31, 2016

I'm a AUSSIE! haha

Good News! Brandon from Arizona got Baptized! My trainer Elder Cahoon just sent me a photo! All is going well in Broken Hill! We are knocking on doors four hours a day and having a great time! 

Yesterday was my first time in church here! It was a blast! We have about fifteen members here but they are all awesome! Its like a big family here! Some of them thought I was a Aussie! I got them! HAHAHA! It took six months but I got someone to think im an Aussie! It  was a great moment! 

We had the Branch Boot or treat on Saturday! (boot is trunk lol) It was great! We decorated our car boot with proselyting supplies! Several non members took a copy of the Book of Mormon! The members may be few in numbers but they are doing everything they can to help us do the Lords work! It is warming up here. Not really but im adjusting! It is just like a Provo summer! But its spring... It will be a lot like Arizona pretty soon! Its will be great! Better than the humidity! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I just had the 2nd longest transfer that is possible in the mission...

I just had the second longest transfer that is possible in the mission. The only way it would have been longer is if I was in Kathrine. Then I would have have a extra three hours! 

It was a fun plane ride down. All of the missionaries I flew down with sat together! We had a very fun ride talking about all kind of stuff! After the plane ride me and Elder Bravo rode our bikes around a place we have never been before waiting to drive the four hours to Madurai. The four hour drive turned into five hours because of some horrible directions and no road map... We made it to Madurai, then I met my new companion Elder Cultura! He is from the Philippians, and is in the 19 month mark in his mission. We then continued to drive the next three hours towards the middle of nowhere. 

We made it to Broken Hill just in time to make it to a tea appointment with the Elders Quorum President Pops and his wife Auntie. We had a blast! I couldnt stop laughing because he is a true bush man! He was going on about how I am going to die here because we have every poisonous snake in Australia here and every spider. The list went on and on! He is kind of a story teller. He did his best to scare me but he thought because im from Provo that I would be a city slicker. He is a interesting character but I love Pops! 

The few members here are great! At least the once I have met. Church got canceled because the wifi was down so we couldn't receive the feed to stake conference and all the church leaders were in Adelaide working. So I havent been to church in Broken hill yet!

It is absolutely Freezing here! I am going to have a horrible time my first winter back home! We have the heater on in the car and in the flat! It is crazy. I cant wait for summer! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pictures of days in Malak from Elder and Sister Farrer.

Somehow I missed these pictures that Elder and Sister Farrer posted from their Days together!
Special thanks for all the special picture from their special making memory adventures! 

October 10th We had a bit of P-day fun with Elder Atkinson and Elder Angelo shopping for souvenirs and visiting the Botanical Gardens... then it was back to our flat to cut their hair and eat dinner before their 6:00 appointments...

Holding onto the Iron Rod

The Tree of Life.. Elder Atkinson, Elder Angelo

Elder Atkinson saved the day getting this rather large grasshopper out of an investigator's pool...

Zone Activity Photo Shoot with a Blue Tongue Lizard and a Cockatoo ...that was fun!

here is Elder Atkinsons mission presidents blog. here is of a zone conference in Darwin.

One last P-day with the Malak Elder's as Elder Atkinson will be leaving for his new area on Wednesday. He wanted to see the War Tunnels and walk the Sky Bridge. We squeezed a late lunch in...biggest burgers we've seen...even had an egg inside! We also had the privilege of seeing the Priesthood in action as Elder Atkinson and Elder Angelo gave blessings to a mother and her new baby after they were airlifted to Darwin Hospital from out bush. That picture will just have to remain in my heart

Ready to go inside the War tunnel...

The Waterfront...
View of the Waterfront from the SkyBridge...

Waiting for lunch at the Waterfront...

Lunch is Served

That is one huge burger!

Cruise ship docking at the Waterfront...

Walk from the Cruise ship to the Waterfront...

Stairs leading from the SkyBridge..."Love to see you again" sign, perfect for the occasion😊...
sure going to miss Elder Atkinson😢

October 18, 2016 Last sport's night in Darwin for Elder Escueta, Elder Langi, and Elder Atkinson...I was able to snap this quick photo through the car window as they were getting started...sure going to miss those three missionaries of the Darwin Zone!

TRANSFER DAY October 19 2016 Today was Transfer day...we had 5 Leaver's and 4 Arriver's and one Elder changed companionships. Two trips to the airport...Lots of tears, lots of luggage, lots of picture taking...lots of hugs ❤️goodbye to Elder Escueta, Elder Atkinson, Elder Langi, Elder Dahle, and Sister Draney, Forever in our hearts!...Welcome to Darwin Elder Christy, Elder Seeling, Elder Bennion, and Sister Mongan...We love you already!

We making sure to take his birthday ball

Sad to see his companion go...

These three =)

Catching the Australian wave

"Stopped to get the Malak Elder's on the 2nd trip to the airport...Elder Atkinson was also reassigned this transfer and was on the flight with 3 more of our missionaries heading to Adelaide...made sure he had his birthday ball...sure have some great memories with this sad to see him go"😢 "    

Sister Farrer, Elder Atkinson, Elder Farrer. <3 them!!! they took such good care of Elder Atkinson! (and us at home with all the pictures!!)


Elder Atkinson, Sister Drany, Elder Dahle, Elder Escueta