Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hallelujah It came!!


For those who have heard the problems in getting this replacement passport here it is a MIRACLE!!! I didn't let it out of my sight! when I went to mail it to Elder Ty Atkinson, I wrapped it in a cardbord letter it came in then put it in a box (not a envelope) so that it wouldn't be damaged!! lol 
Now if it gets lost in shipping I seriously think I will have a heart attack!!
then Jason jokingly said.. we should Email Ty and tell him Chipper got it again and ATE it!! hahahahaha but NOT funny!!  =]

Monday, May 30, 2016

HOT Week 3!!

It is so hot down here! It's going to be 111 throughout this next week. It is amazing in Maricopa! Besides its hot. The loaner bike here are horrible, I've popped two tires and none of the bike tires are true. It's like riding a clown bike. We have ran into a lot of people who belong at moms work. We have cleaned up the area book and have found a lot of people to teach and have put many on date. But we won't be baptizing them we put the, on date on a street contact and are sending them of the the YSA Elders. Because of that we are finding a lot more people and families. The only problem is people move all the time. Ten families have moved in the past two weeks. Our legs are so soar. We live 3 miles out of our area so we are getting some awesome leg workouts. There are a lot of rabbits and coyotes out here. Along with lizards, scorpions, snakes, and owls.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 2 in Arizona.

This week has been awesome! We cleaned the house and the mission came over for house inspections. Elder Peterson cried. He said that the house hasn't been this clean for a long time. He was so happy he got us new furniture. We got it in and that night we had a very unpleasant meeting with a fallen brother... We had to cast it out and bless the home several times. Mainly because we were scared and we wanted to bless the home in every room of the house. The next morning we found a mark on a dresser. We wiped it off and drew a smiley face. So the priesthood works! We never want to deal with that again.. The previous Elders made a throne with plants and other stuff. What ever spirit was there didn't like us throwing it away. Other than that experience we have had a great time! 

     Me and Elder Cahoon met a nice member, Brother Duke. He told us a bit about his neighbors, we left with a prayer that we would have success. 5 minutes later we knocked on his neighbors house a young guy answered the door and said dawg I've been praying to be baptized. I want a fresh start and this is a sign from God. He quickly Accepted the Baptism date of June 18th. He is excited to learn about the word as he said. He is tight with the word of God but wants to be tighter. 
I'm meeting with Elder Allison later today to finish the passport stuff. 

I'm very disappointed in the Young men! Tell them they need to train harder! Also tell them hi! 😜 It Bloody hot down here! And all the Jeeps have doors and roofs on. Some people never learn.... It been really fun down here. My legs are sore and getting big. My pants don't fit anymore. They be fallen down if I didn't have a belt. The people in Arizona are very very different. Nobody knows anyone. They all isolate in the houses. And some of the people out here are wearing sweaters in 100 degrees! There's something very wrong here. Message you next week.

Love you guys!

Monday, May 16, 2016

First week of being a Proselyting Missionary!!

     It is awesome here! It is very hot, but it's been a blast! My companion is Elder Cahoon, and we are whitewashing an area. The previous Elders trashed the house and played beer pong with members in the house. They destroyed the area book. So we are completely starting over. We called everyone in the area book and most of them moved out like six months ago. We talked to one family said that they met the elders playing football on a Wednesday... We are establishing a ward mission plan to start reactivate 1/2 of the ward. Its been a long week of cleaning everything in this area. We have gotten calls asking when the next party is.

      I love the members of this ward they are super nice and make great Mexican food! And there are a lot of Jeeps but they all have doors and tops. It's kinda sad. There is a mustang craze here. So many mustangs, but they are new. We saw a 69 stingray it was pretty cool.

      Oh I live with another companionship and one is Elder Nelson, he was born in meadow and know the Bonds. We think we know each other but we can't remember. He looks super familiar but that would have been a long time ago. Love you guys!

~It's a small world! Elder Nelson is a good friends son!! I grew up with his Mom Natalie! 

Just got a email from his Mission office in Tempe, Arizona and his paperwork for his passport has been mailed off!! here is praying for a speedy arrival and NO more problems!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

He made it to the pitstop!

He made it to his pit stop for 6 weeks until he gets his new passport, his travel plans if all goes well is he will fly out on Monday June 20 to L.A. California then to Sydney Australia then to Adelaide arriving on Wednesday June 23 =)

the Mission sent me these pictures this morning. We won't know more until Monday (or sooner if he needs more stuff for his passport, I mailed his birth certificate this morning).

here is his address if anyone wants to write him 
Arizona Tempe Mission
1871 E. Del Rio Drive
Tempe, AZ 85282

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Speed bump

I fly out in soon! We all can't wait! Its just the Adelaide Elders that are still here. We are all packed and are super excited to get out of the MTC away from the food. Its amazing Elder Hobby and I have lost six pounds here! The food is horrible it makes you sick and then you are very thankful for the industrial toilets..

then......  speed bump =(

Well right after Ty got his passport, he started his Visa application, he needed a colored copy of it. So I grabbed it and sat it on the couch while I hurried and grabbed something and came back into the room and Chipper our little dog had took a bite out of one corner of it!! I grabbed it and looked inside and only a tiny little slit was on the main page. but in a panic we went to the post office and the guy there told us that is was FINE he's seen alot worse so don't worry about getting it replaced. 

Monday he went to the Salt Lake City, Utah airport and was ready to start his travel to his new home for the next 2 years!! well we got a call from Elder Atkinson stating he was on his way back to the M.T.C. his passport wouldn't scan!!! oh my heart broke!! we were all devastated! then the oh we should've just got a new one and all those thought came flooding into my mind! well little sleep that night I got up and called the MTC travel office when it opened. They had already talked to Elder Atkinson and he went back to his room to get his damaged Passport, I got to talk to him and we talked about options. He said he would call back. about 1 hr later he called back and said that his visa might not be good anymore as it will have a different passport number!!! Oh my talk about a flash flood of tears!!! 

I felt terrible as you can imagine, so I hurried and got a I'm sorry care package put together and dropped it off at a MTC delivery store. Here is a few things I put in it. 

and a package of Jerky =)

then put the following pictures and clip art.

 Love LOVE this one!!!

Saw this Lord of the rings one on line with different missionaries so I stole it and put Elder Atkinson and his MTC elders on it!

 The following two are personal pictures with good thoughts I found on line.

Then found these pictures of Elder Atkinson and Chipper while camping last summer. 

And my favorite picture!!! poor chipper =(    (such a sad face)

and of course I can't leave out Elder Atkinson's little girl, Miss Maddux

 I called the Travel office for a update and the Sister asked the last thing I had heard. I said about how we might have to get a new visa, She said OH we have good news on that.. He can use the same visa the new passport will transfer over to it!! oh THANK YOU!! Prayers were answered! then she stated they were still waiting to hear from the Missionary Department in Salt Lake.

Then I was driving up to Alta to go to Clays ( Brother/ Middle son) Highschool Baseball Game I got a call From Elder Atkinson, He said he got a temporary assignment to the Arizona Tempe mission for 6 weeks (the length of one transfer) I was so relieved he wasn't spending the time in the MTC while we get it all figured out!! I asked when are you leaving.. He said as SOON AS I HUNG UP!! YEAH!! yet Boo!! lol I wish I could've gotten his birth certificate to him but Fed Ex here I come tomorrow =). ended the call with I love you! Happy tears this time!!

I got to Clays game and got a call from the Travel office. such a sweet sister told me of the plan and what I needed to do to get his passport going. as we talked she stated how she saw the pass port and she wouldn't think it wouldn't of scanned, and how most Elders kinda get upset when this has happened to some in the past. and went on to tell me that She was really impressed with Elder Atkinson!!! he was very polite and had the "things happen for a reason" attitude!! oh Proud MOMMA moment!!  then she stated she asked to keep him in Provo for one more day so we could get all the passport paperwork completed, but they were very persistent that he flies out TONIGHT!! and there is A REASON this happened!! he was meant to go to Arizona!! we both really feel like this is the reason all this happened (she even stated she would love to hear the reason why he was needed in Arizona so bad!!) even though we may never know the reason but I do know God knows best and this wonderful Missionary is needed there for a short time!! 

So during the baseball game I had a flight tracker app on my phone and yes I stalked my son! haha it was fun to see where he was at!! The plane arrived, we haven't got a call saying he's coming back to the MTC so that is a RELIEF!! but no call stating he arrived either... so until tomorrow when I get to call the mission office to get the paperwork going, I will cry a happy tear and know my Son is well taken care of and the Lord really does love him!!  as one of the clip art I posted above stated.. Todays trial is tomorrows testimony!!   

Love Elder Atkinson SO MUCH! and even though we wondered why him. why isn't he going to fly with his District, we are at peace knowing he is there for a reason! 

I don't know his address yet but will add it to this post when I find out. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 2 and finaly week at the M.T.C. in Provo, Utah

We went to the Hospital but the test haven't come back. We are doing well. Our lessons are amazing! We have had four Investigators from TRC, and three of them our committed to being baptized! One of them forgot to take off his garments and we saw them the whole lesson. We are teaching with the spirit and have a good grove of teaching now. We all get along great! The tall blonde Elder in the pictures I'll send you is Elder Hobby we get a long great. Lots of fouls in basketball but its fun. We played sand volley ball today, Elder Cluff and I destroyed everyone else. We went 4/4 and showed our companions who the boss is. Oh after emailing you last week we went to the devotional and Elder Oaks spoke to us! Me and companion saw him in the halls and ran to get to the front row. He looked into our eyes and saw our souls! It was amazing! I'll send some more photos.

Elder Atkinson will be leaving the M.T.C. on Monday May the 9th. Australia you are getting a wonderful young man and a great Missionary!!  

His Email address is Ty.Atkinson@myldsmail.net
Mission address is Elder Ty Atkinson
P.O. Box 97,
Marden SA
5070 Australia

So excited he sent me a picture of his tag with his "dork" dot =)