Monday, September 5, 2016

Short and sweet.... but heaps of pictures!!

This week has been very fun! We were able to teach a family that was going to move back to their community. They are keen on being baptized but we have a long road a head of us. But we will go as fast as we can. The work is great! Elder Hamilton and I went on trade offs this week. We stayed up late talking about baseball and all sorts of stuff. We want to become companions! All has been going well  I will be with the Farrers today for Pday! Sister Farrer gives hair cuts!

The toilet doesnt flush in a circle its like straight. But it never clogs! Its pretty nice! I love it here in darwin!  I got to hold a croc! It whipped me with its tail. The croc handler was surprised I didnt drop him. He asked where I was from, then guessed that i owned an iguana!. I said yes and he told me he could tell because I didnt throw it when it was growling and whipping me. He was pretty cool He told me i an a natural croc handler! I kissed it but nobody took a pic. I got to put a emu and a water buffalo! It was so cool and i saw my future pets! a rhino iguana! its so cool! I love it here! it rained the other day it was very fun! Love you heaps! best of luck splitting the wood without me! ;)

Elder Ty.. a natural croc handler!! 

Here is a video that Ty took while watching them feed the crocodiles

Elder Ty feeding the Emu

 Rain from his flat

Great farmers Tan

Watch out!

speaker they rigged up on baptism font speaker (their phone placed with duct tape


his bed =) lol

think he needs to go shopping!!

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