Wednesday, June 22, 2016

one of THOSE moms...

No word.... so I had to be one of those moms: June 21 at 9:15pm

Poor Elder TY!! what a long long trip!

so here is the breakdown in Utah time.
he left from Phoenix Arizona Monday June 20 at 07:21pm Arrived in L.A. 08:29pm
Left L.A Monday June 20 at 12:30am  arrived in Sydney Tuesday June 21 3:10pm (which in Australia time it is Wednesday June 22 at 7:10am)
Left Sydney Tuesday 11:27pm Arrived Wednesday June 22 at 1:42am (Australia time is Wednesday June 22 at 4:42pm)
Totals: our time was 30 hr 21 mins but for time changes it was 45 hrs 51 minutes!!!
he is 15.5 hrs ahead of us.. yes it is confusing! I have an alarm clock with date on time set for Australian time, working on a plaque to display it. 

I bet he is excited yet exhausted! but I'm SO glad he finally made it to the land down under! and we can't wait to hear from him!!

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