Monday, June 6, 2016

Think last week was hot? try 120 F (Week 4)

Well everything is good down here! It's been 120 all week. It's been pretty cool down here.

     We have a investigator who is on date for the 18th. He is excited for his baptism and is stoked to go to the temple with his wife and family! His wife is a member. He is super cool and a great guy. He played minor league hockey. He is a huge sharks fan but the Penguins are destroying the Sharks from what he talks about. We looked up the distance to our area and it's 4 and a half miles. We have cut down our travel time by ten minutes. It's been a lot of work and our legs are ripped but it's so worth it!

      I knew you would kill the tree. That's cool that you getting a flag pole! Now you need a Arizona, Northern Territory, and Southern Territory flag!

 Well I love you. Got to go! Tell dad to tell the youth Hi for me!

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