Monday, June 13, 2016

Times almost up in Arizona... week 5

Good afternoon Mom!
All is good here in Maricopa! We had a Mission President Devotional last night. It was amazing! I love my Mission President! President Toone was the head BYU institute teacher. He is huge! He is about 7'2! He's drawing to the end of his time out here, he returns home on the 29th. He told me last night that I'm his missionary and the Parkers can't claim me completely. I love the People here in Arizona! They are a little different, you kinda have to be to live in a oven. When you ride your bike it feels like you opened a oven set to 350, then you grab a hair dryer put it on high, and stick your head in the oven. The wind is dry and hot. But I've lost 15 pounds and biking 4 and a half miles only takes is 15 minutes. And the best part! We don't feel like we are going to die anymore! 
Our investigator on date is still looking good! He is excited and he got the new job he wanted! He gave his mom a copy of The Book of Mormon! He asked us how he can plant a seed in his mom! (We read Alma 32 with him!) His wife is a huge help! She is helping him every step of the way! He calls her dad and asks him questions about what he read! He got a blessing from his father in law! He has a strong testimony! He should have been baptized a couple months ago. 
Oh I meet the Elders that destroyed my Area last night.... Elder _____ and Elder ____. It's not hard to tell that they don't care and are destroying their new area. 
 Elder Cahoon and I are like twins, we have been talking a lot and we found out that we have very similar interests. We love Jeeps, classic cars, classic rock, fishing, hunting, sports, lord of the rings, Star Wars, woodworking, and a lot more! We get along really well. He's been out for a year and I'm the second companion he gets along with. 
Oh we saw a old stingray split window the other day! We pulled over and soaked in its beauty, along with a old Cj and old bug. We probably looked like idiots but it was so worth it! 
I don't need anything else. I don't know when I'll fly out all I know is they have my passport. Got to go bye! 

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