Monday, August 1, 2016

He calls me Utah.....

Good afternoon! Sorry for the late email. Yesterday was a public holiday, Picnic day. But nobody here went on a picnic....
This week has been crazy Elder Hobby got hurt again but he is okay. he is soar but healing well. We didn't make it to the wildlife park because of the injury.

This week was transfer week so Elder Taleo has left Darwin and my new trainer is Elder Angelo. He is from the Philippians. I don't know much about him we have only been together for 12 hours. He seems really cool. I am leading Malak. It will be fun!

I haven't heard about Brandon (investigator from Arizona that was to be baptized) yet but Im going to try and find out.

I was given a Broncos jersey for one of my Investigators. He calls me utah. He is a cool guy from Queensland. The Broncos are a rugby team in Queensland.

We are working hard to get people to the prepare for baptism. We should have several in this next couple transfers. Ill let you know more about my companion when I learn more about him!
Love Elder Atkinson 
Ill send personal emails later got a training to go to..

Another Email from Elder Ty:
So im still the junior companion  The work is coming along nicely. We planned for a lot of changes for the area last night. I wanted to try something new and my companion said that it sounds good and we will give it a go this transfer.

 Its insane that dallon is gone! Me and Elder Hamilton didn't even know he put his papers in!
heard that you are playing Pokemon go! HAHAHAHAH!!!! How is it? It better not be interrupting your work on the truck and my jeep!
Elder Hobby didnt crash on a bike this week but he got injured. He is okay though. Love you heaps and I hope that all is well in the ward! tell bishop, rzr, and brother brown hi for me! Along with the youth!
All is well here. nothing to report. Love you heaps. hope all is well!!

Elder Taleo and Elder Atkinson

Elder Taleo and Elder Atkinson

Elder Atkinsons Desk

not sure... tree/plant =)

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