Monday, August 15, 2016

Good Day!

Good day! This last week has been crazy! To start the week on Monday night we got a knock on the door, it was the down stairs neighbors. They informed us that their was water coming through their ceiling. We come down and see water coming through so we ran up stairs to look in the bathroom and our floor is damp. We don't know what caused it but it was wet. So we wiped it up and looked for the leak. We couldn't find one. So the neighbors called the plumber and they did all kinds of tests. They don't know why the floor was wet but the drain in the bathroom had a leak and was causing the leak in the ceiling. We had to bike like crazy to see people and make it back in time for the plumbers. It was crazy. Then one of our YSA's nephew passed away from a heart attack at the age of 4. We sat down with him and shared the plan of salvation with him. All he could think about was the plan God has for us and he know he will see him again. We also taught a man who just lost his father. He passed away at 92 we think. He is having a hard time but he is very interested in life after death and God. We have been teaching like crazy. We have 10 people on date for baptism with a few that are getting close. We have been riding around like mad. We need to get those fit bits so we can track our Ks! All is good in Darwin! There are heaps of lizards and birds! Haven't found a croc or a kangaroo yet but I've been looking! I have found a huge huntsman spider along with a white tip. The white tip causes flesh to rot around the bite sight. I found a very large snake and a huge cockroach! I almost ran over a dog as well. I'm excited for the work and all the creepy crawlies of the night! The Flying fox is a amazing creature! They aren't full size in Darwin but they are like a hawk. Oh yeah there are heaps of sea hawks so let waffle know!
Love you guys!

Elder Atkinson went with Elder Hobby to get his stitches out... they decided to trade glasses while they were waiting... (Pic courtesy of Brother & Sister Farrer {they spoil us with post and pictures!} Love them!)

today was the first day since the M.T.C. that we got to talk/email back and forth for a bit! LOVED IT!!!

Clay had emailed Ty but he never received it, so I told him Clay said to tell Norbert hi (His pet gecko) here is Ty's reply: " We have three now! Norbert, norberta, and Steve. I'm starting a collection! Caught a iguana the other day. I think they would have gotten mad if I took him to the flat.."

HAHAHA Love you Elder Atkinson!! 

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