Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I love Darwin!

Good afternoon! This week has been crazy! We have been biking all over town meeting people and teaching a lot of lessons this week. We have 6 people on date and two that can't be on date because they need a interview with President Parker. I'm not sure if all of them are really committed yet so we will see how it goes! 

We have been running all over the place with the transfers. I don't like transfer day! The flat was so messy! It was crazy. I Cleaned it today and it looks better. My new companion is Elder Angelo from the Philippians.

I love it here in Darwin and I can't wait until we draw closer to the baptismal dates! They people here are very nice. It's interesting teaching aboriginals. Definitely a interesting people... Love you heap I'll let you know what we do next week!

What that's nuts Kevin's almost home! That means Brandon's almost home! That's crazy! 
I love Darwin and I love the Farrers! I'll definitely let them know you said thanks! I wish I had more photos but thing have been crazy. Oh I met a steelers fan! We talked for twenty minutes! He was listening to simple plan working on a old mustang he got in America and had it shipped over! He is cool but he is a atheist so I'll work on him slowly! Hahaha
Glad Grandmas doing better and home. How's grandpas car? The truck? My Jeep? Love you heaps! 

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